[Can I eat watermelon on an empty stomach in the morning?

]_Empty belly_ can you eat

[Can I eat watermelon on an empty stomach in the morning?
]_Empty belly_ can you eat

Eating watermelon in summer is a good choice. In addition to eating a lot of water, you can also add vitamin c and other nutrients. Eating watermelon in summer is a good way to clear away heat and relieve heat, but there are many precautions to eat watermelon, such as womenEat iced watermelon less, especially during the menstrual period, it is best not to eat iced watermelon, because watermelon is cold food, eating too much will affect gastrointestinal health, so can I eat watermelon on an empty stomach in the morning?

Can I eat watermelon on an empty stomach in the morning?
Watermelon can not be eaten on an empty stomach, because watermelon is a very good food to prevent heatstroke and cool down. From our Chinese medicine, it is cold and dry.

In addition, it has a lot of water. After eating on an empty stomach, it replaces gastric juice. After replacement of gastric juice, gastric acid is reduced, which easily causes indigestion, loss of appetite, and easy to affect peristalsis.

In addition, because watermelon is a high-fructose fruit, if it is eaten in large amounts on an empty stomach, it will easily cause the supply and demand of enzymes that can convert fructose into glucose in the body be cut off, and the necessary glucose supply of the body will also be cut off, thereby suffering from hypoglycemia.

If the visit is not timely, there is even danger to life.

Fruit and fruit season, for people of different constitutions, eating fruit is also very particular about.

People with deficient constitution have low basal metabolism rate and less transformation in the body. When eating fruits, they should choose warm fruits.

These fruits include lychee, longan, pomegranate, cherry, coconut, durian, apricot and many more.

On the contrary, people with a very hot constitution, because of their strong metabolism, produce a lot of metabolism, often flush their faces and have a dry mouth. Such people should eat more tomatoes such as muskmelon, watermelon, pear, banana, mango, cucumber, tomato, etc.Cool fruit.
Peaceful fruits such as grapes, pineapples, apples, pears, oranges, mangoes, plums, etc. can be eaten by people with a debilitating or hot body.

It is easy to get gastrointestinal diseases. In a few months, the weather is hot. Many people will lose their appetite, and then they will not eat when it is time to eat. They choose to buy a watermelon to satisfy their hunger.You won’t get fat, and you can be hungry, so you can see watermelons in summer at major fruit shops.

But does eating watermelon on an empty stomach really have the effects mentioned above?

Although watermelon is an excellent food to relieve heat and heat, after all, watermelon is still a “cold food”. Eating too much can cause gastrointestinal damage. Many people eat so many watermelons in summer and cause diarrhea and abdominal pain, and watermelons are rich in waterIf you eat too much, it will replace the stomach acid in your stomach, making indigestion and loss of appetite worse.