Winter yoga wants you to be energetic

Winter yoga wants you to be energetic

In winter, it is easy to make your body and passion tired. At the end of the year, all kinds of parties and busy work need you to be bright and energetic!

  Do n’t worry, yoga practice can awaken the body ‘s sleeping energy without hindering the use of scrap time to do more yoga belly breathing to calm your inner concerns and then study the following yoga poses with your heart. You will gladly find that your body and mind have quietly “renewed”!

  Invited to host Chen Xuefei You Ji (China) Yogi.

Received KaivalyadhamaG in India in 2006.


Yoga Academy Yoga Teacher Certificate, and National Yoga Union Teacher Certification.

In May 2007, he studied under O.


Master Tiwari learns breathing control.

  Seated angle action essentials: sitting, legs spread, toes hooked back, hands supporting the ground, inhale along the side, exhale the upper body slightly forward, palms forward, maintain posture 10 breaths.

  Action effect: shrink the legs, flexible waist joints, nourish the pelvic area.

  Sit-angle side action essentials: Sit-angle sit up, grab your left foot with your left hand, inhale upwards towards your right arm, exhale with your upper body leaning to the left, turn your head to the right.

Keep posture 5?
7 breaths.

Swap and repeat.

  Action effect: shrink both sides of the spine and strengthen the waist.

  Tips for approaching the top: 1. Mountain-style sitting, legs straight together, toes hooked back, facing straight, facing upwards, maintaining posture 5?
7 breaths.

  2, front fracture type: mountain-type sitting, inhalation vertical front end, exhaled upper body leaning forward from the hips, both hands hold the toes or feet aligned, the abdomen is close to the legs, maintaining posture 7?
10 breaths.

Inhale your stomach and raise your arms.

  Action effect: shrink the spine and legs, nourish the back nerves and strengthen the whole body muscles.

  Essentials of half-bow action: prone, hold right foot in right hand, lean left hand forward, inhale and raise head, lower right arm and right leg up, support left hand with ground, keep posture 5?
7 breaths.

Swap and repeat.
  Action effect: strong hip muscles, flexible shoulders and hips.

  Essentials of spine twisting: sit up, bend your left knee, put your feet on the outside of your right knee, inhale forward straight up, exhale your upper body to turn vertical, right arm against the outside of your left leg, cross your left leg with your left hand behind your backBuckle, keep posture 7?
10 breaths.

Swap and repeat.
  Action effect: massage the internal organs, promote blood circulation in the buttocks, burn excess aunt in the waist and abdomen.

  Essentials of fish-style movements: lying on your back with your hands under your hips, legs close together, inhaling your elbows to lift your upper body, exhaling your chest, raising your head and touching the ground, maintaining your posture for 10 breaths.

Inhale, get up and fall back.

  Action efficacy: relieve complications and stiffness of upper limbs, and promote deep breathing.

  Essentials of galloping movements: lunge lunges, left foot in front, right leg aligned, instep fall, inhale facing upright, tilt up, hands folded, hips sinking in exhalation, maintaining posture 7 breaths.

Exhale back to the upper body, repeat while changing sides.

  Q: Why does yoga improve vitality?

  A: Yoga exercises are very comprehensive for physical exercises, and have corresponding stimulation to muscles, joints, breathing, nervous system and blood circulation. Although the body seems to be stationary during asanas, but because the thorax is fully expanded, breathingDeeply, the energy flow inside the body is very positive.

By stretching the spine in all directions, it can stimulate the spinal nerves and the brain, exercise the concentration of attention, and make the mind agile; coupled with some stretching and strength exercises, it can awaken the energy of sleep in the body and relieve fatigue, so yoga canQuickly restores and boosts strength and vitality.

  Action effect: contract the muscles of the legs and hips and open the hip joints.