Get rid of colleagues’ workplace psychology

Get rid of colleagues’ workplace psychology

A recent study of psychological data in China shows that 87% of successful businessmen have suffered from insomnia. Even people who divide their family and work are often unable to sleep at night because of work.

Insomnia is beginning to become a habit, and sometimes you can only fall asleep by taking sleeping pills.

  Fact analysis: Patients with insomnia all suffer from “worries about insomnia characteristics”, and there are two processes of excitement and inhibition of high-level neural activity in the human cerebral cortex.

High-intensity work keeps the brain cells excited during the day, and will continue this state unconsciously until night. When you go to bed, you worry about not being able to sleep, or try to get yourself to sleep quickly, and the results are counterproductive.

  Relief: Learn techniques for self-consolation and self-relaxation.

Maybe practicing yoga and tai chi is very beneficial to relieve stress and relieve the symptoms of insomnia.

  Keywords: Office anxiety. Many business people find that their requirements for others are close to each other when they get along with each other. After some secretary typed out a document, they found that there was a typo in it, which made them lose their temper.

Although I also want to be quiet, but because of too much pressure, because of a small thing will be thunderous.

Often in excitement and trivial matters, the burden of stress is bound to be great.

  Fact analysis: Anxiety is a state of anxiety and nervousness that does not follow the normal logic of things.

From a psychological perspective, this is a typical “obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

  Relief: In fact, obsessive-compulsive disorder is not terrible. The key is to be brave and rational to face it and overcome it.

Let everything take its course, and when you’re done, you don’t want to stop evaluating.

Perfectionist personality in particular must learn to affirm oneself, trust others, and realize that there are no perfect people and things in the world.

Arrange your time reasonably tightly enough so that you don’t have time to implement it. At the same time, you can choose exercise and outdoor activities to enrich your life and avoid forced psychological interference.

  Keywords: cellphone hallucination Due to work relationships, a large number of business people keep their phones on 24 hours a day and are always ready to answer calls from company affairs.

Sometimes I suddenly heard the phone ringing, and quickly took it out, there was no call at all.

Sometimes I just put the phone down for a while just after receiving the call. It seemed as if I heard the ringtone of the phone ring again. I quickly took out the phone, but there was no call.

Even if you have turned off the phone, you will feel that you are hearing the ringtone on your phone.

Now I had no choice but to take out my mobile phone and take a look.

  Fact analysis: People who work at a tight pace and need to use their mobile phones constantly are often under the pressure of work and can only win and cannot lose the actual work situation, which is more prone to cellphone hearing.

Cellphone auditory hearing is mostly psychogenic, an external manifestation of psychological anxiety. After the level of anxiety reaches a certain stage, auditory auditory is inevitable.

  Relief method: The phenomenon of “phone hallucination” is actually a manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sometimes people know that it is not their phone that is ringing, or they unconsciously take out the phone.A reminder tells you that stress must be relieved.

  Keywords: Road Rage “Another terrible project day, the road is particularly blocked, I keep urging the driver to honk and curse this damn traffic.”

According to the American Psychological Survey, 51.

4% of business people think that the traffic jam is a headache that makes them angry and helpless, because the waste of time is not under their control, and the passage of a minute and a minute will cause inexplicable psychological panic.

  Fact analysis: The word “roadrage” was included in the new Oxford Lyrics Dictionary, leading to the description of the anger caused by driving and driving creases in traffic conditions.

And successful people play the role of time master in life.

They believe in “time is money” and don’t like and waste precious time on trivial and boring things.

  Relief: Learn to be calm and embrace overlaps while waiting for the green light, because they are an essential part of our lives. After one month, you will find that adding some blanks to life allows us to focus more on our work., Efficiency will be greatly improved.

  Keywords: Marital Silence When in love, both men and women are “talking.”

Business people are prone to neglect the communication with the other half because of the speed of work and high pressure. The wives always stop, “I’m not even as good as one of his subordinates.

“Fact analysis: In fact, this is a kind of cold violence in marriage. People often accidentally treat it as a normal state of marriage. It is not known until a third party is attracted. It seems to be” criminal “but it is unconsciousHurt the marriage.

  Mitigation: If you have only 3 days left with him, I believe you will all feel that you have a lot to say to the other person.

And just because you seem to spend a lot of time together, there is no sense of urgency to communicate.

The reason is even more an excuse.

If you are not thinking about going home at night, you can call him at noon. If you are not thinking about speaking tomorrow, you can take a moment to communicate anyway.

The only reason for the growing indifference between husband and wife is excessive security and lack of awareness.