White-collar workers do not wake up and make up enough to save sleep

White-collar workers do not wake up and make up enough to save sleep

Work pressure is high, many office workers are busy all day long, lying in bed at night still think of work, affecting sleep quality.

Urban nightlife is becoming more and more abundant, and many office workers are also keen on rich nightlife after work. This increases the compression of sleep time at night, causing many people to feel like they are not awake every day.

What’s even worse is that those white-collar workers who often work overtime have to sacrifice their sleep time in order to complete work in time and quality.

Regardless of whether the quality of sleep caused by distress and stress has been misunderstood or the sleep time has been misunderstood due to various reasons, feeling unconscious every day becomes a common state of urban white-collar workers. Such a physical state not only affects work efficiency but also affects physical health.


hzh {display: none; }  睡不醒:每天昏昏沉沉  对于白领王小姐来说,世上最难听的声音可能就是闹钟铃声。Every morning, she was awakened by an alarm, washed up in a blur, and dragged her body that was not awake to continue on the road, and the bus became the second bed, so Miss Wang often took the station.
In the morning, I was doing my work in a drowsy state. I managed to get to work hours, but the work was not finished, and I was in a hurry. I could n’t continue to work overtime.

Finally, one day I can stop working overtime, and other things like gathering friends, and I always have to get home late.

“When I finally went to bed, I found that falling asleep was not easy. There were always various work scenes in my head.

I managed to coax myself to sleep, but often woke up at night . “Although I can sleep at home on weekends, no matter how long I can sleep, I can’t fill myself up, tired and sleepy become normal.

  According to Professor Chen Yujie, Department of Respiratory and Sleep, Fourth People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province, many white-collar workers with fast-paced and mental work in the military, due to their fast-paced work, complex interpersonal relationships, and pursuit of life, generally experience high psychological stress and short sleep timesProblems, such as long-term insomnia and other sleep disturbances, are increasingly serious, which not only affects health, but also causes a decline in work efficiency and quality of life.

  Didn’t sleep enough: What is the continuation of poor sleep?

The reporter’s random survey found that most people would answer that the troubles of life and work were caused, followed by the poor sleeping habits.

In real life, people have to face problems such as survival, work, child education, and interpersonal relationships, and often go to bed with problems, which will lead to difficulty falling asleep and poor quality.

Miss Wang belongs to the typical crowd.

Many people think too much before falling asleep. Even if they fall asleep, they will easily wake up and dream, which will seriously affect the quality of sleep.

Among these groups, the most are white-collar workers, because of the fast pace of work and high intensity of work, sleep time and sleep regularity are often disrupted.

  Experts believe that no matter how much sleep you sleep, because the biological clock is relatively fixed, people’s sleep should be regular. Without a rule, sleep quality is difficult to guarantee.

Many people now have a rich nightlife, often singing K, and jumping late into the night.

I also like to chat on the Internet at home, watch TV, watch movies, play cards, etc. Late, the brain is in a state of high excitement, and it is difficult to fall asleep.

Some people like smoking before going to bed, drinking tea, and drinking coffee, which can also cause the central nervous system of the brain to be excited, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Experts point out that 7 should be guaranteed every day?
8 hours of sleep time can not be occupied because of other things, otherwise you will lose more than you gain.

  According to Professor Chen, many people now have a misunderstanding that they do not sleep enough to make up for it.

Many white-collar workers stay up all night long on weekdays, and on the weekends, they sleep late to make up, and sometimes sleep until the afternoon or even in the evening.

In fact, this will never make up for the lost sleep, which will soon break the normal sleep pattern.

Experts suggest that people who do not feel awake during the day can take a nap or take a nap for a while, so that they can become more awake when they do not wake up.

  Relax: scientific and reasonable sleep due to lack of long-term sleep, the brain can not get enough rest, often headaches, dizziness, memory loss, loss of appetite and other phenomena, this long-term sub-healthy state will seriously affect physical health.

Insomnia does not mean that you can’t sleep well, but also includes low sleep quality such as difficulty falling asleep, having more dreams, and waking up early.

Poor sleep is sometimes ill.

According to experts, insomnia symptoms can be divided into difficulty in falling asleep, easy to wake up halfway, difficulty in falling asleep and waking up too early, and so on. It should be adjusted from various aspects.

To deal with insomnia caused by physical reasons, you need to treat physical diseases first.

If you want to alleviate the psychological pressure, you can try not to take your business home; don’t let the unpleasant mood linger on your mind and make psychological adjustments.

  Experts also suggest that the most effective way to deal with insomnia is to develop good living habits, such as going to bed regularly, committed to creating a comfortable sleeping environment, do not eat 3 hours before bedtime, do not drink too much at night, and do not drink coffee or tea before bedtimeWait.
You can take a hot bath before going to bed and step on the soles of your feet and palms after bathing to relax your nerves.

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