Walking fast before bed can improve insomnia

Walking fast before bed can improve insomnia


Press acupoint hypnosis before going to bed with both hands, straighten the middle finger, and massage down from the Zusanli acupoint on the left and right legs to the upper giant acupoint, about a distance of about 3 inches, and massage up and down about 100 times repeatedly.Already.


The implied hypnosis method is to lie lazily as a cat sleeps, relax the muscles, imply that you are very tired, and open your mouth to yawn a few more times, and sleepiness will emerge.


Rubbing feet with hypnotism Wash your feet with hot water before going to bed, and press and rub the soles of your feet about 100 times from the inside to make people fall asleep as soon as possible.


The quick-step hypnosis method walks for about 15 minutes before going to bed, and the sleep aid effect is very significant.


Massage and hypnosis every half an hour before bedtime, rub the palms of your hands first, then put your palms on your cheeks, push your fingers up to the “Yingxiang Acupoint” and push them up to the hairline;”Acupuncture points” and so on; then with both hands down to the two limit angles, the index finger returns to the starting point through the “auricular” point. Repeatedly massaging about 50 times can treat neurasthenia and help sleep.


Cross-legged hypnosis. Cross your legs before going to bed, sit on the bed, sit still for a while, lean your body back for 1 minute, then lean your limbs, relax your muscles, keep your breathing uniform, and have no thoughts.