Know your inner needs, don’t be a life slave

Know your inner needs, don’t be a life slave

Each of us is an independent individual.

In addition to age, appearance, height, gender, language, voice, behavior, temperament, character, identity, job position, etc., there is another important difference between people, that is, everyone’s ideas.

These many differences make it easy for us to distinguish between others and ourselves. It is more convenient for us to constantly improve ourselves, affirm ourselves and surpass ourselves.

  In life, we often overlook the important difference between people, that is, some people have special love, pay attention to their own thoughts, and ignore, do not seriously think about other people’s ideas, such people are too self-agedSelf-centered; there are also people who only consider other people’s ideas and suppress their own thoughts. Such people completely lose their self.

  Both types of people live very tired.

The former is arrogant and arrogant.

In interpersonal relationships, two people are always behind those who know, introspect, respect themselves, respect others, and constantly improve themselves, develop themselves, people who are too self and lose themselves, and their lives are not happy.

  Self-centered people in the family are either self-satisfied by the special favor of their family members. On the contrary, they are angry when they are criticized and degraded, thus creating a strong rebellious mentality. They often criticize family members, friends, colleagues and subordinates.The thrill of achievement.

People of all kinds are more arrogant and have fewer friends in the society. They always think that their talents are superior to others, and they are smarter than others. They always think that other people are all different, except that stupidity is not morality, no education, no quality, and self.Not at a high level.

  They are suspicious at work, hindering big, and they think that such obstacles are often caused by others.

I am about to impose my bad ideas on others, thinking that others are always unable to get along with themselves, and that their own actions are not able to get the approval of most people.

These people love to lose their temper and have poor ability to accept criticism. They always think that their ideas are great wisdom, they are absolutely wise and comprehensive, and they despise the thoughts and opinions of others.

  Most of the people who lost themselves grew up in inferiority.

Repression also loves to vent on his loved ones. In the relationship with friends, it seems to be very humble and cautious. Sometimes it is willing to go all out for friends, but often tired of themselves, things are not done well and there is no way.Fighting confession is not worth the candle.

There is no self-expression and development in the workplace.

  Knowing ourselves and knowing each other can win every battle.

It is recommended that self-centered people consider other people’s ideas.

Remember: the three people must have my teacher!

Those who lose their self should care more about their inner needs and not be slaves to life.

In this way, your interpersonal relationship can be improved and your life will be happy!