Do you really need yoga?

Do you really need yoga?

Unlike other fitness programs, yoga requires practice at a fixed time every day, and you may think: Ca n’t you persist without perseverance and perseverance?


The reason why every yoga lover loves yoga is not for the pursuit of fashion, but also for simple purposes such as weight loss, treatment of insomnia, etc., but yoga has become a need of life, just like eating and drinking every day.

Do you rely on perseverance to keep eating every day?

  ”I don’t have time to practice”, “I’m young and active, I can’t calm down .” These are not the keys, the key is whether you urgently need yoga.

Read the following points carefully to help you make your judgment.

  Do you need yoga?

  Need 1: Energy “Give me strength.” The most pleasant spell in childhood, but it has become the most helpless hope now.

Busy, stressful, competitive . Do you often look like a discouraged ball and feel that you are physically weak and lack energy?

  The word “energy” often appears in texts about yoga.

This “energy” may not give you dazzling large muscles, but it can guarantee the continuous power support inside the body; this “energy” makes you clear and refreshed throughout the day.

  Do you want to be a “Superman” who feels energetic as soon as he opens his eyes every morning?

  Need 2: Young, elegant body Even though yoga can lose weight, that is by no means the ultimate goal of practicing yoga.

  As we get older, the destructiveness of gravity is becoming more apparent.

Even if your weight remains the same, your back is a little hump, your belly is a little convex, and your upper arms are a little bloated . and you feel more and more stiff.

  Yoga enables your body to breathe new ideas, strengthen your strength, relax your energy, and maintain an elegant, compact body, and a light and agile posture unknowingly.

It was a natural body, a beautiful body, a young body.

Are you going to be fat and thin?

  Need 3: Improving the quality of life A successful career and earning a lot of money does not mean a high quality of life.

Cervical Spondylosis?




Sexual dysfunction?

. is modern disease invading you?

  Yoga is not a panacea for all diseases, but it can definitely improve bad trends and develop for the better.

Various postures of yoga, combined with breathing, stimulate the circulation of qi and blood through stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, adjust body, heart, breath, increase natural healing power, send fresh blood to gradually reduced body cells, and massage the bodyMultiple organs and rebuild function.

  Requirement 4: Happiness grows stronger and stronger, but it must be said, because many people who have practiced yoga have described it to me happily.

Yoga makes people calm down and no longer fretful.

When peace of mind and contentment, you will be more sensitive to good things.

A piece of green grass and a smooth white cloud can bring sincere joy.

  And more of the magic of Happy Hypertension Yoga, it will even change your notion of doing things for others.

I will no longer be upset by people or things that are not pleasing to the eyes as before, I will not drill into the horns of my own horns, and look at the problem from another angle.