Using fitness equipment to bring a very fitness effect

Using fitness equipment to bring a very fitness effect

The use of fitness equipment brings very fitness effects. Purpose: To train the perfect biceps and triceps. The main equipment: dumbbell + crank barbell. The simplest thing is often the most practical thing.

The process is boring and the results are pleasing.

Changing postures using dumbbells and barbells can completely make you exercise the muscles of the two heads and three heads. It is best to have an exercise partner with similar strength.

  Purpose: Use the main equipment for shaping the pectoral muscles: barbells, bench presses. Define your exercise purpose: To thicken the pectoral muscles, just to shape a little pectoral shape, or to develop specific parts of the pectoral muscles, or to develop the entire pectoral muscles.
When the purpose is clear, it is necessary to consider what action to use to practice where.

If the requirements are high, you must use some equipment to practice, some: bench press, barbell, bench press, etc.

But it has great adjustability, and the pecs of the pectoral muscles are different depending on the grip distance.

The grip distance is narrower, and the closer the training part is to the upper part, the shape of the chest muscle can be shaped.

With a wider grip, you can practice the outside of the pectoral muscles.

In addition, flexing and stretching the parallel bars is an effective action for shaping the lower and outer edges of the pectoral muscles.

The more important principle of exercise is: “Do what you can and do it gradually.”

If you are not careful, you will get hurt and the opposite will happen.

  Purpose: To relieve muscle fatigue and backache. Main equipment: Hitting the pear-shaped ball. A scarlet hitting pear-shaped ball is installed in the corner of the living room, which is quite beautiful and can exercise the function of the body.

Many modern cities are “workers”. After a series of exercises, the back pain and neck pain caused by sedentary are gone. Baseball is a whole body exercise, and pays great attention to the coordination of various parts of the body.

Practice with some auxiliary equipment.

For example, hitting a pear-shaped ball or a speed ball can make people’s response more agile, and because in the process of hitting, you must pay high attention and keep your eyes on the fast-moving hitting object, so practice, exceptAttention can be improved, and your eyes can become more energetic.

Those who have practiced boxing will tell you the same thing, which is that boxing is more fun than running, equipment and so on.

In boxing, there are many flexible changes in steps and punches. If you are good at thinking and able to win with wisdom, then you will find more fun.

  Objective: The main equipment for exercising the whole body muscles: comprehensive exercise machine is not very practical for practitioners who have little space in the home.

But for friends who have plenty of space and economic strength, a comprehensive fitness machine can fully meet all your needs. At present, the multifunctional fitness machine is not very expensive, but it must be equipped with various related accessories.

  Objective: The main equipment for weight loss: skipping rope + raincoat skipping is the most extensive form of exercise and a good weight loss exercise.

Its action is simple, and the range of requirements for the venue, equipment, weather, etc., people of all ages can choose different strengths of skipping rope according to their physical conditions.

Rope skipping has a significant effect on weight loss, especially to help reduce excess aunts in the legs and buttocks.

At the same time, rope skipping has certain protective effects on cardiovascular energy.

Jumping for 5 minutes a day, 5 or 6 quarters a day, 6 days a week.

Can be gradually increased after adaptation.

Working with a close-fitting raincoat will do more with less.

  Objective: The main equipment for shaping fat reduction in the legs and hips: the pedal treadmill “pedal exercise” is becoming more and more popular as a fashionable form of fitness.

A small “pedal”, a powerful piece of music, the entire movement is completed in this process.

As a form of aerobic aerobics, “pedal exercise” is a continuous, medium to low-intensity exercise performed under a state of excessive oxygen supply.Coarse, and its shaping effect is very significant.

On the other hand, the pedal has a certain height, and naturally it takes more energy to complete the same action than on flat ground, so the effect of reducing fat will be more obvious.

  Purpose: Main equipment for weight loss and relaxation after exercise: Finishing machine After you have completed a series of high-intensity exercises, relaxation is very important. It can further allow you to achieve the effect of exercise, relax and soothe your muscles, andKeep your muscles growing.

The role of the finishing machine is to restore the muscles to their normal division.

Accelerate the discharge of lactic acid.

Promote blood circulation throughout the body.

After exercise.

Give the body a good recovery.

  Purpose: Easy stretching and soothing exercise. Main equipment: Technogym personal fitness device. It is both a fitness device and an interior decoration.It can perfectly integrate the home space, and occupy less than 1 square meter of space. You can place it in the living room and study. It has multiple functions and can perform more than 200 different exercises without any adjustment.

Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, rehabilitation therapy, exercise fitness, etc. can be perfectly and harmoniously matched with personal fitness equipment, allowing you to exercise as you want.

  Purpose: Lose weight and improve cardiopulmonary function. Main equipment: treadmill, elliptical machine or exercise bike running is 100% useful for improving your cardiopulmonary function.

Want to lose weight, there is only one right way-exercise + diet.

Running is a whole body exercise, comprehensive, and the effect of insisting on it must be slimming + bodybuilding.

According to the intensity of the exercise, it is recommended that you do not run at the beginning, but you need to walk slowly + brisk walking, time 15-20 minutes, once in the morning and evening; after about 2 weeks, you can jog + brisk speed + slow walking, and run for 15 minutes.Several paragraphs can be considered by yourself.