[How to make Xiaobai yam]_Xiaobai yam_How to make_Production method

[How to make Xiaobai yam]_Xiaobai yam_How to make_Production method

When buying Xiaobai yam, you should look at the thickness. Generally, it is about three centimeters, up to five centimeters. If it is too thick, it should be fake. Then look at its appearance.And less hair is easy to fall.

When choosing yam, you should try to choose a straight long one. It is better to give it away or eat it yourself.

Method 1: Peel the yam with gloves, cut it diagonally into segments, cut the segments into rhombuses, and put the water in to wash off the mucus. 2. Cut the carrots in the same way. Cut the cabbage into segments 3. Boil the water in the pot.Put the yam and carrots into the water and boil again. Remove them. Remove the vegetables and steam them right away. 4. Put the oil in the pan again, add 1/2 tsp of salt and stir-fry.The pot can be peeled, sliced and soaked in yam.

You can cut whatever shape you like.

Green and red pepper slices.

Boil the oil. When the oil temperature is hot for 7 to 8 minutes, stir the red peppers and stir fry for a while, then yam, and continue frying.

If you like soft, just wait for the yam to soften out of the pot.

Tips 1.

When peeling yam, if there are no gloves, set two plastic bags in each hand.

If you accidentally get on your skin, soak the itchy area with hot water and it will be fine for a while.


After the yam is peeled, the slices are placed in cold water with vinegar so that the yam does not change color.

The fried colors will look better.


Yams are easy to cook, so be careful not to fry them.

Method three: Peel the yam, cut into long strips, and soak in a pot of clear water with some white vinegar in the water. After boiling the water, dip the yam strips and cook for about 2, 3 minutes.After the cold white is cool, remove the drained water and place the processed yam strips on top, and drizzle with osmanthus nectar.