The most amazing face-lifting method becomes smaller at once.

The most amazing face-lifting method becomes smaller at once.

The double chin is never beautiful, it will affect the outline of the outline. If there is a face-lifting method to help keep away from the double chin, how good!

With the right massage method and proper diet, you can be a little face beauty.

  Tuina: Relaxed double chin, the best massage with massage.

Not only does it make the blood circulation good, it also eliminates convulsions.

In addition, the hormones are more activated, decomposing the unfortunate sputum and consuming calories.


Before applying a double chin for a mandibular massage, apply a layer of massage cream evenly to increase the effect.

Next, pull down the subcutaneous abdomen of the lower jaw with the thumb, forefinger and middle fat, and massage the tip of the mandible with a clip.


Grab the aunt’s aunt, push the forceful clip to the aunt, and move the hand from the center of the lower jaw to the ear.

  Use the second joint finger to push the hypodermis.

Repeat 2-3 times each side.

  The location of the acupressure point finger press, and the acupuncture point without the orthodox meridian can be pressed, but can start from the mandibular angle to the mandible, that is, the bone at the intersection of the chin and the neck when looking up.

Along the lateral side edge of the mandible, from left to right, from bottom to top, is the most effective part of eliminating excess meat in the chin.

  Acupressure point 1

The four fingers are close together with the fingertips facing up and the thumb on the chin (the intersection of the mandible and the muscles, the edge of the cheekbones).


When you are pressing, gently push up.

  After the double chin weight loss exercise finger pressure is completed, it is to soften the edge line.

Eliminate the edges of the excess meat of the chin and pull the muscles under the armpits.

In one place, one tight and one loose, it promotes muscle firming and achieves the function of enhancing lymphatic circulation.


The eyes are looking straight ahead and the hands are naturally drooping.


The front does not move, the waist is straight.

The chin should be compressed as far as possible, and it is best to hit the chest.


Then reply to the pose of action 1.


Keep the front below and keep the neck pressed as far as possible, stay for 2, 3 seconds, and finally return to the action 1 position.

  While maintaining and massaging, use cosmetics to increase the firming effect.

  Daily care: The easiest way is to stick your tongue, but if you think this is an unsightly movement, then you can choose another way: force the tongue to force the lower teeth, you can also receive the tightening neckThe effect of the skin, reducing the double chin.

  After getting up in the morning, kneeling on the bed, knees apart shoulder width, toes on the bed, chest up, slowly recline, until both hands caught the feet, the body bent into a bow, for 20 seconds.

Be careful not to open your mouth, otherwise the effect will not be obvious.

  When working, clear the lips gently, and hold the tip of the tongue against the upper jaw for 6 seconds (the muscles are tight when you touch the lower jaw).

This exercise is done once a day, and the double chin will disappear without knowing it.

  When taking a bath, in the case of complete relaxation of the physiology, one hand presses the forehead, the neck leans back, the other hand licks the bath or smears the soap, and the neck and chin are made from the bottom up and the ring is rubbed.

Often doing such a massage can eliminate the relaxation and wrinkles of the chin muscles, and the effect is excellent.  The double chin is increasingly closely related to the whole body.

Therefore, to eliminate the double chin can not ignore the comprehensive physical exercise.

This is especially important for women.

  Also attached to the face-lifting therapy: Before the double chin lifting exercise, we can choose some simple foods to make a double chin mask.

Put a fresh egg egg white, a spoonful of milk and honey, a liquid camphor and a mint infusion of teaspoon, mix and mix in a quick motion, and place it on the chin.