[How to make meatballs tender and delicious?

】 _Production method_Methods

[How to make meatballs tender and delicious?
】 _Production method_Methods

Meatballs are meatballs. This is a very popular cuisine. It is made from lean meat in pork. It has a delicious flavor and high nutritional value. It is very suitable for people with a bad stomach.Yes, the meatballs are delicious, but the method is not easy, because it takes some skills to make the meatballs tender and delicious. Let ‘s take a look at how to make the meatballs tender and delicious.

1. Choose meat.

Meatballs have particularly high requirements for meat, and must be supplemented with clip meat, that is, the part where the front legs of the pig are connected to the pig’s body.

If you press lightly with your fingers, if you feel greasy, it will be replaced by swill. If it is elastic and slightly sticky, the meat will be better and fresher.

Meatballs with good meat quality are very good and can be formed without the need for thickening.

2. After selecting the meat, chop it by hand at a ratio of about 3: 1.

The meat produced by the mincer is often very old, inelastic, relatively thick, and difficult to form.

In the process of chopping, you can add an appropriate amount of water according to the tenderness of the meat, and it must be small.

Middle-aged people generally do not need to chop up very much, but older people and children try to chop up a little.

3, after chopping, add a small amount of salt, a few drops of soy sauce (fresh, better, look at the appetite again).

Beat an egg, add chives and ground ginger, a little pepper noodles.

Helps stir and mix well.

If the children do not like to eat vegetables, mothers can chop and enter the vegetables in this step, and the meatballs will be more delicious and nutritious.

4. Pinch the meatballs.

With good meat filling, good shape will make the elderly and children at home more than appetite.

Wash your hands, stir the meat stuffing again, and then hold the fist with the large egg stuffing in your left hand. Clench your fist. The forefinger will be tightened as you go down, so a round ball will appear.

5. If you are making vegetable meatball soup, start to make the meatballs when the water starts to bubble. Avoid boiling the waterballs when the water is boiling, and then make the meatballs bigger. When you first go down, make the meatballs bigger.pot.

(Meatballs will grow old after cooking for a long time).

If it is deep-fried, heat the oil for five minutes, then you can place the meatballs and roll the pan twice, then the shape is set, the color is beautiful, and it is very healthy.

Finally, make sweet and sour meatballs. When braised meatballs are cooked, it will be healthier and more delicious.