Health altar: the first hand against the practice of exercising muscle rehabilitation cervical spondylosis


Health altar: the first hand against the practice of exercising muscle rehabilitation cervical spondylosis

With the improvement of living standards, people’s desire for health and wellness is becoming more and more urgent.

However, health is a science that directly relates to people’s health, so the most reliable, authoritative, and scientific voices are needed.

Therefore, Sina Health exclusively plans the 鈥淪ina Health Care鈥?series, connecting the authorities in the domestic health field, and hopes that these voices can give you the correct guidance for your healthy life.

銆€銆€Experts in this issue: Director of Department of Orthopaedics, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, Professor Lei Zhongmin, director of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and cervical spondylosis, often accompanied by emotional concerns Sina Health: White-collar workers and Internet users are more and more damaged by cervical disc herniation, officeSome symptoms may be caused by cervical spondylosis?

銆€銆€Lei Zhongmin: Because of the current working environment, living environment, changing work rhythm, plus the use of air conditioners and computers, or working in a long-term posture, cervical spondylosis can result.

Cervical spondylosis can cause neck and shoulder muscle damage, causing pain and muscle tension, deformation, and can also lead to local changes, such as muscle tension and vascular complications, there will be concerns about neurological symptoms such as nervousness.

Among them, pain is the most important one.

There is pain in the shoulders, accompanied by muscle tension, stiffness and other discomfort.

Also dizziness is also a major symptom.

銆€銆€Some symptoms are more insidious, some are not directly caused by the disease of the cervical spine itself, and sometimes psychological symptoms such as long-term anxiety caused by local discomfort.

Nowadays, cervical spondylosis has a lot of anxiety and depression. Sometimes depression also produces some pain, which is often intertwined. Therefore, cervical spondylosis is best combined with psychological treatment, and psychological treatment is also very important.

銆€銆€Sina Health: Whether there is compression symptoms in cervical spondylosis, some hand numbness or some local anaesthesia.

銆€銆€Lei Zhongmin: Some local causes of pain in the peripheral nerves, not pain, but hemp, this feeling is replaced with numbness.

Of course, there are still some netizens who have nothing to do with the cervical spine. It can be ruled out whether it is a “mouse hand.”

The “mouse hand” that the common people said, the term “carpal tunnel syndrome” – is caused by long-term operation of a computer mouse.

銆€銆€Sina Health: Looking at the computer for a long time, in addition to cervical spondylosis, the eyes will be uncomfortable, and there are symptoms of nausea. Is this not because of cervical spondylosis?

銆€銆€Lei Zhongmin: In addition to the pain of long-term obesity soft tissue fatigue, it can also cause blood supply problems, resulting in insufficient blood supply, and some dysfunctions in the robes. Therefore, nausea may also occur, and attention needs to be paid.

銆€銆€Put a pillow on the neck when sleeping. Sina Health: Please introduce a few simple ways to relieve cervical spondylosis?

銆€銆€Lei Zhongmin: The cause of these diseases is that for a long time, the muscles and ligaments are in a position for a long time, causing muscle tension and finally causing some problems in the muscles.

Therefore, it is necessary to balance this situation, and a posture is changed for a long time.

For example, look at the computer on the left for a long time, and look at the right side after a while. If you look down for a long time, you will look up and stay for a while. When you look up for a long time, you will bow for a while and sit up for a long time.

These bones and muscles of the human body are also balanced, giving it a balance.

銆€銆€Another trick is to adjust the pillow to the cervical vertebra while sleeping, and put the pillow under the neck.

Because the human cervical vertebra has a curvature, a small pillow under the cervical vertebra can come, which is conducive to the formation of natural bending, muscles and ligaments are relaxed, and rest can be obtained.

If there is a gap between the cervical vertebra and the pillow while sleeping, the muscles are still tense. You have been nervous for a day during the day, and you are still nervous at night. If you want to rest, you have to be solid. If you are solid, you will be completely relaxed.

銆€銆€Usually during the day, you can also do more “head hand confrontation exercises”: hands crossed, placed on the neck, the head is forced backwards, the hand is forced forward to form a confrontation, continue to squeeze to press the muscles; force to the other side, head to the oppositeThe direction forms a confrontation that lasts for more than 15 seconds, allowing the muscles that are rarely exercised to get active.

銆€銆€It is also possible to use the head to draw a meter in the office or to rotate the head left and right.

The key is to have more activities and exercise your lower back muscles. These are very important.

Sitting for a long time is not good for the cervical spine, the lumbar vertebrae is not good, exercise the lower back muscles, just kneel on the bed to do Xiaoyanfei – prone bed, behind the hands, force the chest up, so that the head and chest off the bed, while knee extensionStraight, the two thighs force up and leave the bed for 3 seconds?
5 seconds.

Because the muscles of the entire back can be contracted to produce this action, it is good for the lumbar spine and the spine.

銆€銆€The main cervical spondylosis of pain can be tried – acupuncture treatment of Sina Health: What new methods are currently available to cure cervical spondylosis?

銆€銆€Lei Zhongmin: The true meaning of cervical spondylosis refers to some complications of the spinal cord type, which cause oppression of the nerves, and the symptoms are outstanding, requiring surgery.

If it is only pain-based, it usually does not require surgery, and most of them are based on physical therapy, such as massage.

銆€銆€In addition, through research, it is found that after the pain is actually muscle tension, some damage to the meninges causes high tension, which causes the peripheral nerves to be stimulated and suffers from pulling and causing pain.

In response to this kind of pain caused by high tension, we now have a needle treatment, use the needle to tie him, relieve the tension under the submucosa, and the nerves are not tense, so it does not hurt.

The clinical effect of this treatment is very good.