7 health drinks hidden high sugar traps

7 health drinks hidden high sugar traps

7 Health Drinks Hidden High Sugar Trap Supplements Collagen Drinks Can Increase Skin Elasticity?

Siwu drink can improve the complexion?

Can slimming drink remove the lower abdomen?

Watch out for the added sugar in these drinks, which can make you old again.

Not all sugars in life gather, and many healthy foods also hide high sugar traps.


100% integrated fruit juice?

Pitfall: Concentrated juice may not be more natural and healthy (sugar: 27.

7g / 220ml, which is equal to 6.

2 cubes of sugar) wild berry concentrate, grape concentrate, avocado concentrate, etc. You may think that this fruit juice concentrate looks very natural and should be healthier than sugar, but they are just the embodiment of “sugar”That’s it.

Nutrition experts explain that the concentration is to facilitate storage, transportation, and prolonged storage time. The fruit juice itself contains a lot of natural fructose. After reduction, the taste is always worse than the original juice. It may also be added with sugar or artificial flavorsBalanced taste.

Apple juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, and white grape juice concentrate are the most common sweet taste alternatives. They are simply empty and have no other nutrients at all.

“Sugar cane juice” or “sugar cane juice” will be seen in the ingredients list. Experts point out that this is not fruit juice at all, but sugar cane is boiled, crystallized after evaporation, and processed to remove all nutrients.

Nutrition experts remind that fruit is the most natural dessert. Eating fruit directly can satisfy the taste and eat fiber, vitamins and minerals, which is actually more healthy and nutritious.


Energy drink supplements vitality?

Pitfall: High sugar may awaken tiredness (sugar: 25.

5g / 150ml is equal to 5.

7 cubes of sugar) “Are you tired?

“There are more and more energy drinks on the surface of the city.

But be careful, the sugar content is not low.

Drinking one bottle is equivalent to eating 5.

The amount of sugar in 7 cubes.

Look at the ingredients of energy drinks, mainly carbonated water as the bottom layer.

It’s like cola, because carbonated water has a low pH, so you need to neutralize the taste with more sugar, about 10?
16% sugar.

Although energy drinks can help to boost the spirit for a while, but after a short period of time, the binary body enters the body, causing a sudden change in blood sugar, which increases the burden on the body.

Foreign studies have also pointed out that although taurine, guarana beans, vitamin B groups and ginseng are not added to energy drinks, only guarana beans and glucose have weak evidence for physical fitness improvement. The main reason is still coffee because it is mainly refreshingsource.

Therefore, experts suggest that it is best to supplement boiled water or drink black coffee to promote circulatory metabolism. Long sleeves have a refreshing effect and have no strong burden on the body.


Four things drink iron?

Pitfall: Sugar may be added by the way (Carbohydrates: 10).

7g / 120ml, equivalent to 2 cubes of sugar) Commercially available Siwu drink The so-called girls drink it every month to make the moonlight no longer uncomfortable, and even added rose hip, green papaya or collagen, moreadditional value.
But looking at the nutrition label, a bottle of Siwu drink with 120ml has about 10.

7 grams, approximately equal to the amount of 2 cube sugar.

Experts also reminded that not every girl is suitable for the physiological period. The Siwu drink on the market indicates different doses and fractions. The drug dose is fixed and cannot be adjusted for physical fitness. It is best to ask a Chinese physician, such as hot physiqueEating may cause acne or cheilitis.

Vitamins drink well?

Capture: Too much sugar, spices, adhesives and other additives (glucose: 13g / 42g, about 2 cube sugar) These products promote good swallowing and good absorption.
In addition to comprehensive vitamins, lutein is also available in beverage form, with the same emphasis on good absorption.

Traditional comprehensive vitamins or lutein lozenges, which only contain various nutrients, or added olive oil to make it easier for the cells of the body to absorb and use; but you can add sugar, juice, spices, and adhesives (Gellan gum, carrageenan, etc.), but will unknowingly eat excess sugar, and actually artificial additives.

Nutrition experts advocate the establishment of correct and healthy eating habits instead of relying on supplements instead of nutrition.


Beauty drink collagen drink?

Trap: Carefully add sugar instead to allow wrinkles to crawl on the face (blood sugar: 8g / 50ml, approximately equal to 1 cube sugar) collagen drink endorsed by celebrities, using small molecular collagen, plus berries or high-vitamin C fruit extracts, Can make the skin elastic and translucent.

Many beauty-loving women are eager to move home one box at a time and replenish daily.

In fact, take a closer look at the ingredient list. In addition to collagen peptides, fructose, trehalose and other ingredients are ranked in the top five raw materials, which means that in addition to drinking collagen, you also drank polysaccharides.

Too much sugar makes you old.

Because sugar molecules attach to cellular proteins, causing “glycation”, which causes collagen and elastic fibers to become brittle, harden cracks, cause skin relaxation, wrinkles and other aging phenomena, and lose efficacy.

The bad news is that women who want to rely on collagen drink to supplement collagen can be disappointed.

Collagen belongs to the macromolecules of protein, and after being absorbed into the interior, it will decompose into amino acids, and small molecules such as peptides will be resynthesized in the human body.

It is not that eating collagen can directly supplement collagen, this is just the propaganda method of the merchant.


Is low fat healthier?

Pitfall: In fact, I use my aunt for sugar (low-fat cereals: 18).

5g / 100g, which is equal to 4.

1 cube of sugar) Many low-fat foods, such as biscuits, yogurt, peanut butter, salad dressing, etc., mislead consumers that this is a healthier choice, but the survey found that the ratio of “low fat” and “zero aunt” is prominentOn average, whole foods of the same type have 20% more sugar.

Low-fat blueberry muffin in a well-known cafe contains 34 grams of sugar, which is higher than the average 28 grams.

Low-fat cherry yogurt is also more than regular cherry yogurt.

5 grams of sugar.

The “low fat” cereals have the same sugar content as the original corn cereals.

6 times.

Experts remind that aunt is indeed one of the main sources of metabolism, but sugar is also, especially the addition of sugar is not necessary in our diet, so instead of labeling “low fat”, “skimming” means a better choice, you can eat more.


Drink slimming drink to clear “old waste”?

Trap: Be careful with sugar, which can make your lower abdomen difficult (sugar: 13.).

7g / 100ml, equal to 3 cubes of sugar) It is called a jar with several purification formulas: chia seeds + precipitation fiber + fructooligosaccharides, which can promote resonance peristalsis, help defecation, and make the belly curve more beautiful.

But there are 13 in a small pot.

7 grams of sugar, about 2.

7 cubes of sugar, if combined according to packaging recommendations, 1 day?
Two bottles, more than half of the WHO’s recommended daily sugar intake, be careful to shorten the waistline for a long time without decreasing.

The amount of sugar in the beverage still depends on the required sweetness. For example, coffee is often added to 6%, and soft drinks are adjusted to 8?
10%, or even more, and the sugar-acid ratio must reach a certain ratio before it can achieve a “good” taste.

If the beverage is stored in the refrigerator and the temperature is low, the sweetness is less sensitive, and manufacturers usually add more sugar to meet consumer taste requirements.