How to deal with OCD

How to deal with OCD

[Introduction]Nowadays, no matter what ethnic group you are in, you will be threatened by “late sleep obsessive-compulsive disorder.” There are usually two causes for “late sleep obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

One is the silent protest against daytime life, and the other is the habitual misunderstanding of sleep.

  No matter what ethnic group you are in today, you will be threatened by “late sleep obsessive-compulsive disorder.” There are usually two causes for “late sleep obsessive-compulsive disorder.”
The first is a silent protest against daytime life.

Late-sleepers are often exhausted during the day and have a lot of stress. It is necessary to excite at night to eliminate psychological fatigue before falling asleep.

Most of these people will indulge in the Internet, watch online videos, chat on forums, chat, linger in nightclubs, or evacuate pressure in fast-paced and intense music; the second is the habitual misunderstanding of the understanding of sleep.

There is a fundamental difference between compulsive late sleep and insomnia.

Insomnia is trying to fall asleep, and forced late sleep is forcing you to stay awake.

Under normal circumstances, obsessive late sleepers are not physically forced but another psychological need.

To do things, you must wait until late at night to clean up the room, read magazines, write articles, etc.

  Therefore, experts believe that some healthy exercises can be arranged to relieve stress after work, so that both physical and psychological desire for sleep, and gradually develop the habit of going to bed early.

People who are forced to form a late-night habit due to work needs actually have anxiety due to too much stress. They should learn to better arrange their time, try not to bring work to home, relax at the same time, and face the pressure.
  Here are some symptoms: 1.

Xiao Dong, who was listless before the zero hour, had no idea what to do before midnight, but he had to force himself not to sleep for the upcoming excitement.

After the hardest time, his spirit came again, reading a book, writing an article, chatting with a friend who also had a night habit, and was very busy.

He has been used to drag serious business to the evening to do, this habit does not cause him a lot of trouble, face tired at work during the day, unable to concentrate; work can not be done until the last minute, in case of special circumstances, busy… Whenever he encounters these situations, he will sleep too late for himself, and regret not finishing work early, but he will move towards the middle of the night uncontrollably the next day.


The “night cat” habit devours the health of urban people. The above types of conditions have almost become a common problem for many young people. They are forced to work, caused by living habits, the need to relieve stress, and pass the time. These are the main reasons for maintaining their late sleeping habits.
  Experts said that staying up late as a matter of habit, waiting to enter the dreaming state until the body is exhausted, is actually a manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

There are many harms from a health perspective.

Abnormal sleep and stress can lead to decreased immunity, endocrine disorders, and easy to find symptoms of autonomic disorders such as colds, infections, allergies; staying up all night leading to insomnia, forgetfulness, irritability, anxiety and nervousness, etc.symptom.


Busy during the day, busy at night, and relaxed at night. When working at a university in Longjiang (pseudonym), he was a game enthusiast. After working, he has less time to play games every day, so he always thinks that the time after work is his own and should be good.Just relax yourself.

So, when he came home from work, he would play games until one or two in the morning. When it was dawn, he would still get up to work on time, with bloodshot eyes, yawned into the office, and then kept drinking coffee, strong tea or smoking refreshingly.