Tips for shopping with your girlfriend

Tips for shopping with your girlfriend

Men have two major difficulties: eating with leaders and shopping with women.

In fact, the two are the same, because the woman I was lucky enough to accompany shopping is also my leader.

When will I be at ease with these two hardships, probably even progress.

  Woman shopping lets reason go away When women shop, reason often short-circuits momentarily.

Obviously the wardrobe is full of 20 long skirts, but I still want to buy another 21, which is similar to the statement of pop singers: my best work is in the next song.

However, women’s irrational shopping can definitely win the approval of smart men-to make up for their frustrations: heavy work pressure, tight interpersonal relationships, and the low tide of the physiological cycle will induce her to open her wallet.

Therefore, a mature man would rather spend money and avoid disasters, condone his girlfriend, and let her gain a sense of accomplishment in the shopping frenzy to maintain “world peace”.

Looking at the bill afterwards, the woman will most likely regret it, but if you believe that she has changed the past, I can only suggest that you test the IQ.

  The second meaning of saying that a woman is shopping irrationally is that when you face a dispute with a tight skirt that is not commensurate with her thick legs, don’t expect her to wake up suddenly.

At that time, she would most likely pose with the enemy’s shopping guide in a stance against the enemy, making you suspect that you are not a common interest at all.

Women are often proud of her “wise” rebellion, but have not taken care of the shopping guide simply to remember the silver in her wallet.

Therefore, there is no chance of arguing with women in the mall.

My experience is that non-violence and non-cooperation-Wei Nuo Nuo, let her lose her opponents, and with ease, in the end, just rushed to buy a discounted shirt and left.

In this way, the next time I raise money for the disaster area, I will have one more item.

  If a woman asks you: “accompany me to buy a jersey.

“Don’t think that she will go straight to the New Jersey counter, pay with one hand, and get goods with one hand.

As long as I walk into the mall, I must show Yan Hui ‘s attitude towards Confucius. Yan Hui said that he is, “Master Zi, Yi Bu; Master Zi, Yi Fu”; we can also “girlfriend, Yi Bu; girlfriend Xi,Also trend. ”

Yan Hui also followed the trend because of his admiration of Confucius: “The height of Yang is high, the depth of drilling is deep, look ahead, and suddenly look back”.

We followed the admiration of our girlfriend like a river of water, so she followed her to the north in the midst of the crowd: Yang Zhi’s third-floor boutique gallery, drilled underground second-floor supermarket, looking at the cosmetics counter in front, and suddenly jewellery shops behind her.

拎 The large bags that I keep pounding with my hands, but have nothing to do with the jersey.

And when a woman is in the “fever” state of shopping spree, it is also an excellent business opportunity for thieves, so I have trained my wallet skills more professionally than thieves.

  Men are unwilling to accompany shopping. In fact, when shopping with women, 99% of men have not realized how willing they are. What should they do?

Men have their own countermeasures.

  The more interesting mall will open up positions for men, which is equivalent to opening up a game room for children: you can drink and drink, daze, and you can read outdated newspapers if the specifications are higher.

But to be honest, I am afraid that not many women are willing to relax their male partners like this.

Women often have a mind in mind, but still need men instead.

And the self-esteem of men makes it difficult for them to endure the sympathy and comfort of the crowd.

(People’s eyes are saying: Poor, how did she turn you here?

) So for most men, there is nothing but hope.

  The point of men shopping with women is the separation of spirit and flesh.

In other words, you are with the Iraqi people and want to go elsewhere: think of something pleasant, and sometimes say that you recently received the boss’s award, the female secretary’s emotional gaze, and watching the beautiful girl.

Thank God, the pretty girls on the street are overwhelmed.

It is also very safe to look at pretty girls in shopping malls, because girlfriends don’t pay much attention to you; and pretty girls in shopping malls are dressed up because someone notices the purpose, and they usually don’t use eye lithography to thin you.

Seeing a pretty girl is not a big problem even if my girlfriend finds it out. I can argue based on it: you must let me improve my pastime.

At that time, my girlfriend usually didn’t care about me.

  Of course, maintaining strength is also important.

One of my uncles told me his secret to accompany shopping: Whenever he goes out on the street, he always tells his girlfriend: “You wear those brown stiletto high-heeled shoes and you have a beautiful charm.

“Don’t be motivated by words, and his lovely girlfriend really obeys.My girlfriend has to be agile a lot, which helps my countermeasures to be more intelligent and universal.

My trick is to be able to sit and not stand and walk less.

A rush of urgency like that is annoying and utterly futile and totally useless.

If you go into a specialty store, there will probably be a seat. Even the clerk’s seat, I can just sit there, and in the face of my girlfriend who wants to shop, they never interfere with me.

If there is no seat, I will stand still at the door. One is to take two steps less, and the other is to look around. There are also beautiful girls to see.

Walking on the street, adjusting my breathing, thinking “although there are thousands of people, I’m going forward”, thinking about the main points of the marathon.

In this way, most of my girlfriends were not the ones who were eventually dragged down.